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The Bookstore @ FCC offers at the end of each semester (J-Term, Spring, Summer, and Fall) Textbook Buyback events, scheduled during and after Finals week. Dates & times for buyback will be posted during the corresponding semester and can be found on the Bookstore’s Home page, in our News & Events Section, or the Bookstore’s Facebook page.

Click Here to visit our "News & Events" page to find out our next Buyback times and dates


The Bookstore pays "Fair Market Value" on any textbook that qualifies for Buyback.  “Fair Market Value” means the Bookstore is trying to maximize each FCC students buyback dollar while keeping our textbook prices competitive with online booksellers. You are under no obligation to sell your books back to the Bookstore @ FCC; if at any point you feel you could make more money selling your textbooks through your own means, or simply wish to keep any of your textbooks for reference, you can reject our offer and keep your textbooks.


The Bookstore @ FCC cannot guarantee that any textbook purchased from us, used during the current semeseter, or in a previous semester, will be bought back at our Textbook Buyback. Here are some of the most common reasons your textbook may not be bought back:

  • The course instructors are switching to a new textbook next semester and your textbook will no longer be used
  • The Bookstore has bought back enough copies of a textbook from students who came to buyback earlier, and our quota for that textbook is now full.
  • Your textbook or textbooks are in an unacceptable, unsellable condition

Textbooks that are in an unacceptable or unsellable condition include, but are not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Textbooks are missing required accompanying materials such as access codes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, booklets, charts, or any other materials, are not eligible for buyback
  • Textbooks packaged with access codes that have been opened or used, CDs and DVDs that are no longer in working condition are not eligible for buyback
  • Textbooks with a heavy amount of writing or highlighting on the pages (over 3/4 of the book) are not eligible for buyback
  • Textbooks with damaged spines, missing covers, torn or missing pages, or pages that are falling out are not eligible for buyback
  • Textbooks with any type of staining; regardless of amount or location(water, food, drink, human and non-human bodily fluids, unknown substances, burn marks) are not eligible for buyback
  • Textbooks with Strong or Foul Odors (Perfumes, Body-Sprays, Smoke, Body Odor) are not eligible for buyback


If we do not make you an offer on your textbook but you do not wish to keep it, the Bookstore @ FCC runs a recycling program for "no value" textbooks. We pay will pay customers $0.50 for any "no value" paperback textbook and $1.00 for any "no value" hardcover textbook. We offer this service as a conveince to our students and customers and you are under no obligation to accept this offer.