Summer & Fall 2023 Course Materials Available now!
We will be closed June 29th & 30th; please check the College Calendar for additional closings.

Refund Information

Thank you for your purchase from the FCC Bookstore. Our priority is to serve our students by meeting their needs for course materials & supplies. Course material information is posted in advance of each semester for review.

Our Refund Policy only applies to the current semester. We do not accept returns for materials purchased in previous semesters.

Summer 2023 Semester Textbook Refund Request Deadlines

10 Week Session: June 12th
8 Week Session: June 23rd
First 3 Week Session: June 8th
First 5 Week Session: June 5th
Second 3 Week Session: July 14th
Second 5 Week Session: July 19th

Fall 2023 Semester Textbook Refund Request Deadlines

15 Week, First 10 Week, First 7.5 Week, & First 5 Week Sessions: September 1st
13 Week Session: September 18th
Second 10 Week & Second 5 Week Sessions: October 9th
Second 7.5 Week Session: October 30th
Third 5 Week Session: November 13th

No refunds will be given on course materials purchased for courses 3-weeks in length or less unless returned prior to the course start date. Course materials purchased after the refund period for the current term are not refundable.


We will respond to your request by email within 3 business days.

Course Material Returns will be honored for the following three reasons if requested within the refund dates: Cancelled Class, Dropped Class, Incorrect for the Class- confirmed by the instructor and/or the Department. ‘Purchased Elsewhere’ is not a valid reason to refund and requests will not be honored.

Your receipt is required for all refunds and exchanges. All items must be in their original condition and packaging with all labels and tags intact and attached. Purchases made by credit card or financial aid will be credited only to the original account.

Shrink-Wrapped Items must be unopened. Opened items may be considered for return at the posted "used" price. Refund period dates still apply. Access codes that are opened or exposed are not refundable.

Digital materials cannot be refunded if redeemed or if more than 14 days from the date of Purchase.

Missing materials or components claims must be made within 5 days. The Bookstore is not responsible for replacing misplaced or lost materials.

Damages claims for materials during shipping are to be filed with UPS. The Bookstore is not liable to replace or refund materials damaged during shipping.

All purchases, including in-store pickup, locker pickup and ship to address, are subject to our return policy including refund period dates. Orders not picked up after 60 days are classified as “abandoned” and will be destroyed.

Merchandise may be returned in original condition with a receipt within 30 days of purchase except for the following items: art kits, stethoscopes, lab coats, safety eyewear, headphones, food items, study aids, special orders, and electronics. We cannot accept refunds for these items for any reason.